We are located at 1010 6th Avenue, South Naples, FL 34102. For information regarding your destination management needs please contact us at 239-262-1914 or 800-592-0848 for toll free service. If you are looking for a particular person in our company please use the staff directory below.

Randy Smith C.E.O. 239-260-3252
Tamir Rankow C.O.O. 239-260-3268
Michele Kerr Director of Accounting & HR 239-260-3269
Ben Brown Associate Director of Corporate Sales 239-260-3271
Erica Wright Associate Director of Corporate Sales 239-260-3253
Armando Perez Corporate Sales Manager 239-260-3257
Beth Fromm Senior Manger, Sales & Operations 239-260-3256
Glenn Blackwelder Senior Manager, Program Operations 239-280-7119
Teri Distler Manager, Program Operations 239-940-0004
Londa Cunningham Senior Manager, Dispatch & Scheduling 239-260-3260
Gail Reinisch Customer Service Manager 239-260-3265
Ashley Forrest Program Operations Manager 239-821-2844
Dennis Quinn Ad Sales Manager 239-233-2336
Tony Meade Ad Sales Manager 239-260-3272
Shelli Halper Ad Sales Manager 239-405-2366
Jon Wiltberger Dispatcher 239-262-3006
Nelson Peraza Dispatcher 239-262-3006
Sean Cunningham Dispatcher 239-262-3006
Ivy Ballenger Marriott On-Site Manger 239-877-6857
Gillian Fisher Accounts Receivable 239-260-3259
Jessica Lafferty Accounts Payable 239-260-3255
Bob Distler Vehicle Manager 239-260-3267
Rowie Samsel Graphic Design 239-260-3273


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